Serotonin: Gratitude + Kindess

Serotonin: Gratitude + Kindess

Serotonin: The Supporter. When our hearts beat faster through dance and movement, serotonin inspires calm, mindfulness and leaves us worry free. This powerful neurochemical is our natural mood stabilizer, directly impacting our sense of wellbeing and happiness.

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Serotonin: Gratitude + Kindess
  • NEW | 20 Min Bodyroll with Viva | Serotonin

    Come back into your body to feel every arc, curve and spiral as you bodyroll into bliss. On this 20 minute serotonin oozing practice with Viva, find yourself connecting to your body as you awaken each part. Open your heart to a place of care + tenderness as you give back to your body through the...

  • NEW | 12 Self Massage with Sun | Serotonin

    Let's open your heart to release serotonin in your body and mind. By opening your physical space, you're able to hold a posture that welcomes in a sense of wellbeing.

  • NEW 12 min | The Joy of Suffering with Karine | DVESHA

    After Raga, the attachment to things, we move to DVESHA, the absence of getting what we want. This can lead to anger, rage, and all of the "red" emotions that hinder our personal growth. The first step to healing is understanding. Let's start now.

  • NEW | 14 Min Sound Bath with Haile | Serotonin

    Harmonize to happiness, stretch your lungs and clear your mind of negative energy through the power of your voice. Join sound sculptor Haile Supreme for a serotonin sauna to release baggage and blockage by diving into this vocal healing chamber. This 14 minute meditation journey will have you smi...

  • NEW 5 min | The Joy of Organizing with Patty Morrisey | Kindness

    Starting to tidy and organize should come from a place of kindness and gratitude. In this DOSE, Patty shows us how we often overlook the places and items that support us in our daily lives.

  • NEW 15 min | The Joy of Leadership with David Siegel - People Centered Approach

    The decline of social interactions and group activities outside of work has led to the increase of loneliness across the entire country. David explains how building a community at work can help people feel like a part of something bigger than themselves, leading to more fulfillment and joy.

  • NEW 8 min | The Joy of Leadership with David Siegel | Company Mission & Values

    When creating a community, it's essential that you have a core mission that everyone can look to as a guide. In this MICRODOSE, David shares Meetup's six governing values and explains how to hone your own.

  • NEW 15 min | The Joy of Leadership with David Siegel - Smart Decisions

    We make thousands of decisions every single day. Even deciding not to make a decision is a decision! In this MICRODOSE, David shares eleven values that will help you make smarter decisions, giving you more confidence in your choices.

  • NEW 7 min | Joy Masterclass | The Joy of Wisdom with Chip Conley - Kindness

  • NEW | 11 min Meditation with Hawah | Serotonin

    This meditation practice focuses on watching what comes up as we sit still and ground into our connection with the earth. We’ll move our awareness from breath to sounds to body sensations which ultimately leads us into sitting with no object of focus. When we let go of the external stimuli we ent...

  • NEW 9 min | Joy Masterclass | The Joy of Wisdom with Chip Conley - Gratittude

  • NEW | 60 min Yoga Class with Karine | New York

    Join us for a 60 min LIVE class with Karine, pre-recorded at the Brookfield Place in NY accompanied by the wonderful singer-composer Happie Hoffman.

  • NEW | 11 min Yoga with Hawah | Serotonin

    We are spending endless months on computers and holding our phones. Our wrists are getting beat up by one directional movement and asana practices that place repetitive stress on our joints. Join HawaH for a masterful introduction into counter poses for wrists that will support longevity, and sus...

  • NEW | 22 Min Dance with Elliott | Serotonin

    Use the power of beats to align and connect in the body as our kindness leader Elliott welcomes you home to your own powerful serotonin supply. Move into a higher state of joy, dance step by dance step.

  • NEW | 11 Min Yoga with Karine | Cardinal Points | Serotonin

    Take 11 minutes today and find intentional movement and your coordinates in space and time, with this simple but invigorating practice guided by Karine.

    Music by:
    1. Karunesh - Hearing You Now
    2. Peter Sterling - East Meets West

  • 22 Min Meditation with Radha | Courage | Serotonin

    This movement session is the first step into unlocking your inner joy as you find the strength to courageously open your heart and mind.

  • NEW | 11 Min Workshop with Jasmyn | Serotonin

    Join Jasmyn for an open exploration of shame. Use the power of movement to discover, and ask, how can we transform? Give up what impedes you, and find the courage to witness your personal experience, and massage it into its next evolution.

  • 33 Min Yoga with Ally | Gratitude | Serotonin

    Take this time to adjust emotionally and resource your energy through a low, slow, and deep practice. Soften your presence as you activate a serotonin bliss with yogi Ally Bogard + Daybreaker Mama Radha as you place emphasis on release and rest. Focus on the movements that make you feel good.


  • 11 Min Accountability DOSE with Jasmyn | Kindness | Serotonin

    Employ the ancient tradition of Māori inquiry with a series of questions exploring a specific event. The dance of sunshine and rain continues to create space for harm repair and expansion of joy through this accountability practice.

    Step into your daily joy practice.

    P.S. Citizen Scientists —...

  • NEW | 11 Min Dance with Elliott | Kindness | Serotonin

    Begin at the bottom and work your way up to the crown through this music-fueled exploration of self-kindness. Use the power of movement to unite body and mind for an expanded awareness and powerful serving of serotonin.

  • NEW | 13 Min Meditation with Noah | Gratitude | Serotonin

    The overtones of the hand pan hold the power to vibrate mind and body into sync. Dive into a sound journey that transports the spirit towards a state of meditative joy and discover a gratitude-driven rhythm.

  • NEW | 22 Min Yoga with Sarrah | Gratitude | Serotonin

    Today, we’re concluding our survivor series. Ending this today on a note of seeing the future, all of the beautiful things that lay in store. You’ve done it! You’ve survived. What are you going to do? Survive the rest of your life?

  • 43 Min Yoga with Alyssa | Connection | Serotonin

    Open yourself up for connection today as we all did on Wednesday. Enjoy the sunrise, and as you watch the color change notice how your relationships to others and to yourself.

    Step into your daily joy practice.

    P.S. Citizen Scientists — Keep making history after your practice by adding your bra...

  • 11 Min Accountability with Jasmyn | Kindness | Serotonin

    Leave the murkiness of “getting it right” to explore your talents, assets and strengths, post-harm. Step back to focus on the needs of those we’ve impacted and use strengths to mobilize change and transform ourselves collectively out of harm.