Serotonin: Gratitude + Kindness

Serotonin: Gratitude + Kindness

Serotonin: The Supporter. When our hearts beat faster through dance and movement, serotonin inspires calm, mindfulness and leaves us worry free. This powerful neurochemical is our natural mood stabilizer, directly impacting our sense of wellbeing and happiness.

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Serotonin: Gratitude + Kindness
  • NEW | 6 Min Audio DOSE with Elliott | Focus

    Wake up and dance with Elliott. Through this practice you'll gain the confidence and focus to get through today and every day. Everything you need is already inside you. Lezzgoo.

  • NEW | 6 Min DOSE with Karine | Finding Balance

    Your intuition will tell you when you're out of balance, and it doesn't feel great! This practice will guide you towards aligning the right and left sides of your brain to invite peace.

  • NEW | 11 min Meditation with Hawah | Be Present

    This meditation practice focuses on watching what comes up as we sit still and ground into our connection with the earth. We’ll move our awareness from breath to sounds to body sensations which ultimately leads us into sitting with no object of focus. When we let go of the external stimuli we ent...

  • NEW | 11 min Yoga with Hawah | Longevity

    We are spending endless months on computers and holding our phones. Our wrists are getting beat up by one directional movement and asana practices that place repetitive stress on our joints. Join HawaH for a masterful introduction into counter poses for wrists that will support longevity, and sus...

  • 21 Min Meditation with Hawah | Kindness | Serotonin

    Music by:
    1. Rajendra Teredesai - Farewell to Waheeda
    2. The Haiku Project - Voyage

  • 22 Min Meditation with Hawah | Serotonin

    Pranayama is the science of breath control that increases and roots the harmonious flow of energy in the body. Where your thoughts travel so your breath goes and when your breath journeys so your thoughts and life transform. Explore a range of breathing techniques that ultimately will serve to de...

  • NEW | 6 Min Audio DOSE with Karine | Forgiveness

    In this audio practice, Karine will help you push past the things that you've been obsessing over or regretting, allowing you to forgive and move forward.

  • NEW | 6 Min Audio DOSE with Karine | Balance

    Balance is essential. Let's explore how to bring balance back into our lives by creating harmony in the left and right sides of our brains.

  • NEW | 6 Min Audio DOSE with Karine | Forgiveness

    This session is all about forgiveness. You can't change anything that has happened in the past, but you can decide how to process and move forward from anything.

  • NEW | 11 Min Yoga with Karine | Contentment

    This practice is all about appreciating where you are and finding contentment in this moment. Every season of our lives is necessary and beautiful. 

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Elliott | Fire Up

    Dance until you reach that fire within yourself. There's a burning passion inside you that is pure energy. All you have to do is tap into it.

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Elliott | Self Love

    Elliott is going to guide you to looking inward and appreciate all that you are. This session will be about giving yourself the love, confidence, and self-acceptance you deserve. 

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Elliott | Light up

  • NEW | 6 Min Breathing with Radha | Tune In

    This practice is all about devotion. Devotion and love start with the way you think and feel about yourself. Look inward before you look outward.

  • NEW | 11 Min Dance with Viva | Trust Yourself

    Together we're going to fill up on our own supply of self-love and trust as Viva leads us through Bodyroll. Lead with openness during this practice and move through it all.

  • NEW | 11 Min Meditation with Victorien | Serotonin

    HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED | Nothing behind, nothing ahead, just now. Dive into the present moment with Daybreaker Music Director Victorien as he guides you through an 11 minute flute meditation to relax your entire body and be in the moment.

    Step into your daily joy practice.

    P.S. Citizen Scientis...

  • NEW | 11 Min Yoga with Karine | Cardinal Points | Serotonin

    Take 11 minutes today and find intentional movement and your coordinates in space and time, with this simple but invigorating practice guided by Karine.

    Music by:
    1. Karunesh - Hearing You Now
    2. Peter Sterling - East Meets West

  • NEW | 11 Min Self Massage with Sun | Connection

    Let's open your heart to release serotonin in your body and mind. By opening your physical space, you're able to hold a posture that welcomes in a sense of wellbeing.

  • NEW | 22 Min Dance with Elliott | The Power of Gratitude

    Use the power of beats to align and connect in the body as our kindness leader Elliott welcomes you home to your own powerful serotonin supply. Move into a higher state of joy, dance step by dance step.

  • NEW | 11 Min Yoga with Karine | Cardinal Points | Serotonin

    Karine will guide you through this yin-based practice that focuses on your center. Relax into it and open yourself to the blessings to come. 

  • NEW | 20 Min Bodyroll with Viva | Serotonin

    Come back into your body to feel every arc, curve and spiral as you bodyroll into bliss. On this 20 minute serotonin oozing practice with Viva, find yourself connecting to your body as you awaken each part. Open your heart to a place of care + tenderness as you give back to your body through the...

  • NEW 12 min | The Joy of Suffering with Karine | DVESHA

    After Raga, the attachment to things, we move to DVESHA, the absence of getting what we want. This can lead to anger, rage, and all of the "red" emotions that hinder our personal growth. The first step to healing is understanding. Let's start now.

  • NEW | 14 Min Sound Bath with Haile | Open Your Voice

    Harmonize to happiness, stretch your lungs and clear your mind of negative energy through the power of your voice. Join sound sculptor Haile Supreme for a serotonin sauna to release baggage and blockage by diving into this vocal healing chamber. This 14 minute meditation journey will have you smi...

  • NEW 5 min | The Joy of Organizing with Patty Morrisey | Kindness

    Starting to tidy and organize should come from a place of kindness and gratitude. In this DOSE, Patty shows us how we often overlook the places and items that support us in our daily lives.