Endorphins: Awe + Play

Endorphins: Awe + Play

The Physical Trainer. This is that glorious rush of a runner's high. Stimulating your endorphins through movement energizes you and acts as a natural painkiller. Nicknamed the “feel-good” chemicals, they work similarly to opioids and cause a full-body sensation of euphoria and levity. Activated most potently by lengthy, vigorous exercise (like dancing with reckless abandon), but also by any form of physical activity that gets the blood flowing, endorphins are a natural reward for the work you’ve done. Recent research has also highlighted that giving—volunteering, donating or acting in service of your community—boosts endorphins through a natural “helper’s high.” And, regular meditation and yoga practice has been shown to contribute to the release of endorphins. Laughing, eating spicy foods (from the mild pain they prompt on the tongue) and treating yourself to dark chocolate (from its flavonoids) give a little boost too.

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Endorphins: Awe + Play
  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Elliott | Recharge

    Elliot is here to wake you up with some positivity. Open your heart to energy and let's recharge together with some play and some dance!

  • NEW | 6 Min Audio Breathing with Karine | Flow

    Today's practice focuses on the retention of breath. Let Karine guide you through this flow that engages your mind and helps you attain more focus. 

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Elliott | Wake up & Dance

    Feelings of negativity invading your space? Let Elliott guide you on how to take that energy and convert it into something useful!

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Karine | Be Water

    This session is for everyone that doesn't feel like getting out of bed this morning. Karine will guide you into your fluid state, reminding you that, like water, you are always in motion. You got this.

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Elliott | Get Ready

    Let's get ready to be out in the world. Elliott is going to ramp your energy up and help you get aligned so you're ready to go, no matter the destination.

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Karine | Flow

    Today's practice is built around the retention of breath. It will help you refocus, enabling you to direct your attention where you need it.

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Elliott | You Got This

    Every morning is a new start. Today Elliott will guide you towards your best beginning with a big DOSE of joy and dance.

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Karine | Fearless

    Do you need to be a badass today? In this DOSE, Karine is going to guide you into your toughest, most uncompromising self, ready to go to battle for your goals.

  • NEW | 11 Min Fitness with Olivia | Rise Up

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Elliott | Wake Up

    Bring your energy and focus back into your body and let's get ready for the day with some DANCE, guided by the one and only Elliott.

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Elliott | Tune in

    Get your day started on the right foot as Elliott guides you this morning dance. Today is all about loving and appreciating YOU as you are.

  • NEW | 6 Min DOSE with Elliott | Energized

    If you woke up in a negative headspace, it doesn't mean you have to spend all day there. Let Elliott steer your day in the right direction by turning your morning around with dance.

  • NEW | 6 Min Audio DOSE with Karine | Fullness

    Let's get fearless by connecting with the divine feminine. You are strong, you are bold, and you can master anything that comes your way.

  • NEW | 14 Min Meditation with Haile | Endorphins

    Today's sound meditation is a playfully potent practice of an endorphin release. It will help transform truth to triumph, all through freedom of expression.

  • NEW | 22 Min Dance with Elliott | Endorphins

    Goooooooooood mooooooooorning!! With those words you're awake. And with those words, you're LITERALLY awake. Open your eyes to the utter majesty that lay in store for you today.

  • NEW | 11 Min DOSE with Viva | Re-energize

    Take time to delight your body. Get your heart rate glowing and feel the rush of movement and dance with this 11 minute endorphins rev up led by Viva. Access pleasure from your own natural supply and ride the euphoric wave with a fusion of Functional Happiness exercises, chakra opening and self-e...

  • NEW | 22 Min DOSE with Viva | Sparking Play

    It’s a party! Bodyroll into the present moment and just let go. Enliven your endorphins through this 22 minute energizing aerobix with Viva. Allow your body to move and shake to the music kickstarting your day with a joy filled practice.

  • NEW | 11 Min Yoga with Karine | Endorphins

    Join us in this 11 min Yoga session with Karine where we begin with simple heart openers and keep the body flowing to embrace our presence in the present.

  • NEW | 11 min Core Fire with Hawah | Be your best

    Conquer this 11 minute session by simply trying your best and then come back every day and do it again. You will be amazed by how this sequence will change your orientation to your physical body and the results you will find after 2 straight weeks of doing this routine every day. The abdominal re...

  • NEW | 11 Min Yoga with Karine | Cardinal Points

    Take 11 minutes today and find intentional movement and your coordinates in space and time, with this simple but invigorating practice guided by Karine.

  • NEW | 11 Min Bodyroll Aerobix with Viva | Awe

    Shed emotional weight, indulge in the moment and feel a euphoric state with a rush of endorphins from this dance aerobics celebration, aka Bodyroll Aerobix. Join Haus of Sweat founder Viva Soudan for a spicy 11 minute microdose guiding you through bite-sized combos that build heat and get you swe...

  • NEW | 11 min Yoga with Hawah | Flow

    Welcome to a soft, cozy, yet energizing flow with Hawah. This one is going to open you up, yet be completely accessible for all levels.

  • NEW | 11 Min Dance with Elliott | Natural High

    Allow the stimulating magic of endorphins into the body and mind through a micro dance practice. Soak up the power of music and the cherished guidance of Elliott LaRue to achieve that long-chased “high” feeling movement provides.

    Step into your daily joy practice.

  • NEW | 11 Self Massage with Sun | Endorphins

    Check in with your body and listen to what you need. Build your awareness in this 11 minute self massage releasing endorphins within your back, neck, and torso with master massage therapist Sun Katayama.