Joy of Movement

Joy of Movement

Explore movement that actually makes you feel good. Refresh and energize your body with Japanese Calisthenics, Spine Lubrication and more gentle, restorative movement expressions that open your brain and body to joy.

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Joy of Movement
  • NEW | 11 Min Fitness with Olivia | Rise Up

  • NEW | 11 Min Fitness with Olivia | Heart

    Together we'll work all of the muscles surrounding our heart as we focus on compassion and love, both inward and outward.

  • NEW | 6 Min Audio DOSE with Karine | Fullness

    Let's get fearless by connecting with the divine feminine. You are strong, you are bold, and you can master anything that comes your way.

  • NEW | 11 Min Movement with Dane | Dopamine

    Dane will guide you through this morning spine practice to wake you up and get you loose and limber for your day. It's time to inward and alter that little voice in your head to activate your flow.

  • NEW | 22 Min Guided Dance with Griselle | Salsa

    You ready to shake it? To get our Dopamine flowing through our whole bodies, we’re doing this Salsa clases. Join Griselle Ponce — one of the top female Latin dancers and choreographers in the world — for 22 minutes of guided dance, no experience required.

  • NEW | 11 Min Movement with Dane | Go Inward

    Dane will guide you through this morning spine practice to wake you up and get you loose and limber for your day. It's time to inward and alter that little voice in your head to activate your flow.

  • NEW | 10 Min Chakra Opening with Radha | Openness

    Mama Radha will guide through clearing your 7 chakras and aligning your sense of belonging, creativity, discipline, self-love, and the power of your voice, intuition and purpose.

  • NEW | 22 Min Dance with Elliott | Courage | Oxytocin

    Move into a state of absolute abandon with our resident sultan of joy Elliott LaRue. Allow the power of the beats to lull you into a sense of confidence; to a point where courage is not even a question.

    Start off this Tuesday feeling exactly like yourself.

  • NEW | 22 Min Dance with Elliott | The Power of Gratitude

    Use the power of beats to align and connect in the body as our kindness leader Elliott welcomes you home to your own powerful serotonin supply. Move into a higher state of joy, dance step by dance step.

  • NEW | 11 min Core Fire with Hawah | Be your best

    Conquer this 11 minute session by simply trying your best and then come back every day and do it again. You will be amazed by how this sequence will change your orientation to your physical body and the results you will find after 2 straight weeks of doing this routine every day. The abdominal re...

  • NEW | 20 Min Bodyroll with Viva | Serotonin

    Come back into your body to feel every arc, curve and spiral as you bodyroll into bliss. On this 20 minute serotonin oozing practice with Viva, find yourself connecting to your body as you awaken each part. Open your heart to a place of care + tenderness as you give back to your body through the...

  • NEW | 8 Min Japanese Calisthenics with Radha | Happiness

    Lubricate your spine and optimize your physical health with a joyful 8 minute Japanese Calisthenics practice that delivers a feel-good rush of oxytocin. Join Daybreaker Founder & Mama Radha as she guides you in this microdose through her favorite daily ritual—traditional Radio Taiso from her Japa...

  • 22 Min Meditation with Radha | Courage | Serotonin

    This movement session is the first step into unlocking your inner joy as you find the strength to courageously open your heart and mind.

  • 15 Min Movement with Melini | Play | Endorphins

    Melini is going to guide you through a 15 min of yoga and reiki flow to recharge and renew to start your day.

    Music by:
    1. CarlBorden - Walk With Me A Beautiful Journey
    2. George Vibe - Incama
    3. Carl Borden - The Road Home
    4. DJ Homez - Saviour
    5. Eamonn Karran - As One
    Myndstream & MoBlack Re...

  • 24 Min Movement with Melini | Kindness | Serotonin

    Rest and worry not! Melini is going to guide you through a gentle 24 min of yoga and reiki flow. Melt away in this little oasis you've provided for yourself; allow yourself to be thankful that you made the time.

    Kind Regards,

  • LIVESTREAM! Movement with Elliott

    Elliott La Rue is taking you on an adventure in today's daily dose of serotonin. Leap into it; if you're starting you're day late, pretend you're still dreaming.

  • Livestream I Gratitude I 22min with Elliott

    Our live series continues with an inspirational midweek flow to create gratitude in every breath. Experience the power of connection, joy, and play as we move together through each pose and let go of our past traumas.
    Step into your daily joy practice.

    P.S. Citizen Scientists — Keep making hist...

  • NEW | 22 min Dance with Viva | Curiosity | Dopamine

    Uncover a synthesis of motivation by opening the chakras with dance. Allow movement to expand your vision and unite mind and body by syncing through movement.

  • 22 Min Dance DOSE with Elliott | Flow | Dopamine

    Explore motivation through a connection to music. Start slow and ride the roller coaster of curiosity through every beat into a state of connection and pleasure. Let it all go through dance, and open your body to seek novelty through this dose of Dopamine.

  • LIVE!! | 22 min Motivational Movement DOSE with Viva | AWE | Endorphins

    Prepare for a transcendent experience in the latest of our LIVE Doses. Allow the music to move you to state of joy, and feel awe pulse through your system as you connect mind and body to music. Soak up 22 minutes of good-old-fashioned dance it out power.

    Step into your daily joy practice.

    P.S. ...

  • NEW | 11 Min Dance DOSE with Elliott | Awe | Endorphins

    Allow the stimulating magic of endorphins into the body and mind through a micro dance practice. Soak up the power of music and the cherished guidance of Elliott LaRue to achieve that long-chased “high” feeling movement provides.

    Step into your daily joy practice.

  • 30 Min Yoga Flow with Lindsay | Flow | Dopamine

    Kickstart your day with a dopamine boosting flow that ignites your body. Awaken into a flow state like no other with this 30 minute vinyasa practice with Lindsay. Come into the present moment and feel each movement fully + find ability to explore with the space around. Leave your mat ready for t...

  • 11 Min DOSE with Viva | Stress Release | Endorphins

    You have arrived. Get ready to cleanse your system + allow your body to shed and shift. In this 11 minute stress release, ignite brain - body connection and move into healing from the inside out. Move together with

  • 22 Min DOSE with Lindsay | Courage | Oxytocin

    Give back to your body through an easeful flow + stretch that sparks awareness in the space around. Unwind from the week with a 22 minute heart opening practice with Lindsay. Feel an oxytocin overflow as you expand your body + mind into a place of rest. Come back into your body and leave feelin...