microDOSE 11

microDOSE 11

Only have a few minutes? Refresh your day and flood your brain-body with these 11 minute bite-sized joy practices. Each one is engineered to deliver a tiny-but-mighty micro-happiness supplement to get you into a positive headspace. If you haven’t taken the quiz, take it now to map your happiness blueprint and personalize your joy journey: Daybreaker.com/quiz

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microDOSE 11
  • NEW | 22 Min Meditation with Radha | Courage | Serotonin

    This movement session is the first step into unlocking your inner joy as you find the strength to courageously open your heart and mind.

  • 15 Min Movement with Melini | Play | Endorphins

    Melini is going to guide you through a 15 min of yoga and reiki flow to recharge and renew to start your day.

    Music by:
    1. CarlBorden - Walk With Me A Beautiful Journey
    2. George Vibe - Incama
    3. Carl Borden - The Road Home
    4. DJ Homez - Saviour
    5. Eamonn Karran - As One
    Myndstream & MoBlack Re...

  • 11 Min Breathwork with Melini | Openness | Dopamine

  • 24 Min Movement with Melini | Kindness | Serotonin

    Rest and worry not! Melini is going to guide you through a gentle 24 min of yoga and reiki flow. Melt away in this little oasis you've provided for yourself; allow yourself to be thankful that you made the time.

    Kind Regards,

  • Live stream! Dance with Elliott

    "The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." - Yeats. No question about it, reality can be a marvelous thing. It's in taming your inner world that gives you the privilege to see how wondrous life is. Dance into that state with us today.

  • 11 Min Reiki with Melini | Sleep | Serotonin

    Enjoy yourself for a 11 minutes, and allow the powerful healing energy to come from the screen and lull you into a sense of rest and peace.

  • 23 Min Dance with Elliott | Awe | Endorphins

    Goooooooooood mooooooooorning!! With those words you're awake. And with those words, you're LITERALLY awake. Open your eyes to the utter majesty that lay in store for you today.

  • 11 Min Meditation with Victorien | Gratitude | Serotonin

    HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED | Nothing behind, nothing ahead, just now. Dive into the present moment with Daybreaker Music Director Victorien as he guides you through an 11 minute flute meditation to relax your entire body and be in the moment.

    Step into your daily joy practice.

    P.S. Citizen Scientis...

  • 11 Min EFT Tapping | Courageous Self-Love | Jennifer

    Receive a loving embrace of oxytocin and open your heart to deeper human connection with an 11 minute microdose of healing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) therapy. Join 15-year Tapping expert Jennifer Partridge to harmonize your brain-body and heal fear of betrayal, diminish reactive responses...

  • 11 Min Meditation with Victorien | Connection | Oxytocin

    HEADPHONES SUGGESTED | Dive into compassion and be lovingly guided through a gentle 11 minute flute meditation led by Daybreaker Music Director and flautist Victorien. This journey will spark your inner emotional desire to help others and be of service to those around you — so you can inspire bel...

  • 13 Min EFT Tapping with Jennifer | Move Past Physical Pain | Endorphins

    Rewire your brain’s automatic fight-or-flight response and understand the messages behind your physical pain with an 11 minute endorphins elixir of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) therapy. Join 15-year Tapping expert Jennifer Partridge to bring release to every uncomfortable emotion and physic...

  • 11 Min Meditation with Haile | Gratitude | Serotonin

    Welcome home to yourself. Dive into a serotonin bliss as you find rest within tones of a soothing synth bath by from the Sultan of Sounds reflect.daybreaker.com

  • 22 Min Yoga with Ally | Flow | Dopamine

    Focus and drive are the name of the game with this 22 minute dopamine boosting yoga sesh. Join the illustrious Ally Bogard to build sharper attention through soft and gentle awareness. Hold your poses a little longer than you’re used to, and set your intention on how you’ll align what you say yo...

  • 12 Min Yoga with Ally | Connection | Oxytocin

    Grab a friend, or find a wall and flow through a heart opening yoga practice to build self-love. Join yogi Ally Bogard to invite more brightness, love and ease with a gentle flow to connect breath to movement. This one is about building compassion with a little partner work, and recognizing that ...

  • 12 Min EFT Tapping with Jennifer | Courage | Dopamine

    Get unstuck—activate drive, feel rekindled purpose and motivate your dopamine power with an 11 minute microdose of healing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) therapy. Join 15-year Tapping expert Jennifer Partridge to create success, increase productivity, stimulate financial flow and empower your...

  • 22 Min Yoga with Sarrah | Gratitude | Serotonin

    Today, we’re concluding our survivor series. Ending this today on a note of seeing the future, all of the beautiful things that lay in store. You’ve done it! You’ve survived. What are you going to do? Survive the rest of your life?

    Step into your daily joy practice.

    P.S. Citizen Scientists — Ke...

  • 21 Min Dance with Elliott | Openness | Dopamine

    Start your day with honesty and contentedness. Motivate yourself to perform one transcendent dance party for just yourself. Enjoy the music, and enjoy your own company. Here at Daybreaker, we want you to relish in your radiant presence. Be selfish with yourself. Give you all that you have, and ta...

  • 25 Min Meditation with Sarrah | Honesty | Oxytocin

    We're opening up ourselves today; in the hopes that we'll find honesty. If there's anything you're struggling with now, something that you're convinced you can't manage, find the honest part of yourself to diagnose the problem.

    Step into your daily joy practice.

    P.S. Citizen Scientists — Keep...

  • 22 Min Bodyroll with Viva | Gratitude | Serotonin

    Come back into your body to feel every arc, curve and spiral as you bodyroll into bliss. On this 20 minute serotonin oozing practice with Viva, find yourself connecting to your body as you awaken each part. Open your heart to a place of care + tenderness as you give back to your body through the...

  • 16 Min Meditation with Sarrah | Listening | Dopamine

    You know the friend that’s always looking for some kind of clarity with each sentence? Try listening to yourself this morning. Not just the syllables you make, but the meaning you convey. Meditate on the events, feelings, and complications in your life you’ve intended to express but could never t...

  • 22 Min Dance with Elliott | Trust | Oxytocin

    Dance into a state of bliss, serenity, and confidence. Unconsciously, you may be hesitant to give yourself an opportunity to trust yourself; to allow yourself the confidence to be yourself. It’s all most of us want; because, ultimately, we all recognize that when you trust yourself, you’ll know h...

  • 13 Min Yoga with Sarrah | Release | Oxytocin

    Join Sarrah Strimmel in part two of our 8 part series on surviving. In this Oxytocin dose, we’ll lighten the mood yet again, and shake out the emotions and tremors that may be holding you down. In 12 minutes, you’ll begin your day cleansed of whatever came before.

    Step into your daily joy prac...

  • Livestream I Gratitude I 22min with Elliott

    Our live series continues with an inspirational midweek flow to create gratitude in every breath. Experience the power of connection, joy, and play as we move together through each pose and let go of our past traumas.
    Step into your daily joy practice.

    P.S. Citizen Scientists — Keep making hist...

  • 22 Min Dance with Elliott | Courage | Oxytocin

    Move into a state of absolute abandon with our resident sultan of joy Elliott LaRue. Allow the power of the beats to lull you into a sense of confidence; to a point where courage is not even a question. Start off this Tuesday feeling exactly like yourself.

    Step into your daily joy practice.