MicroDOSE 11

MicroDOSE 11

Only have a few minutes? Refresh your day and flood your brain-body with these 11 minute bite-sized joy practices. Each one is engineered to deliver a tiny-but-mighty micro-happiness supplement to get you into a positive headspace. If you haven’t taken the quiz, take it now to map your happiness blueprint and personalize your joy journey: Daybreaker.com/quiz

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MicroDOSE 11
  • NEW | 11 Min Guided Dance with Griselle | Salsa | Oxytocin

    You ready to shake it? To get our Oxytocin flowing through our whole bodies, we’re doing this Salsa class. Join Griselle Ponce — one of the top female Latin dancers and choreographers in the world — for 11 minutes of guided dance, no experience required.

  • NEW | 11 Min Bodyroll Aerobix with Viva | Awe

    Shed emotional weight, indulge in the moment and feel a euphoric state with a rush of endorphins from this dance aerobics celebration, aka Bodyroll Aerobix. Join Haus of Sweat founder Viva Soudan for a spicy 11 minute microdose guiding you through bite-sized combos that build heat and get you swe...

  • NEW | 11 Min Yoga with Karine | Cardinal Points | Serotonin

    Karine will guide you through this yin-based practice that focuses on your center. Relax into it and open yourself to the blessings to come. 

  • NEW | 11 min Yoga with Hawah | Flow

    Welcome to a soft, cozy, yet energizing flow with Hawah. This one is going to open you up, yet be completely accessible for all levels.

  • NEW | 11 Min Yoga with Karine | Cardinal Points

    Take 11 minutes today and find intentional movement and your coordinates in space and time, with this simple but invigorating practice guided by Karine.

  • NEW | 8 Min Japanese Calisthenics with Radha | Happiness

    Lubricate your spine and optimize your physical health with a joyful 8 minute Japanese Calisthenics practice that delivers a feel-good rush of oxytocin. Join Daybreaker Founder & Mama Radha as she guides you in this microdose through her favorite daily ritual—traditional Radio Taiso from her Japa...

  • NEW | 11 Self Massage with Sun | Fresh Start

    In this DOSE, Sun will show you how to give your body a much-deserved little treat, pushing aside the stresses of the day. We carry all of our mental burdens in our physical body - this self massage practice can offer a little relief.

  • NEW | 11 Min Yoga with Karine | Dopamine

    Reconnect with self to build upon your relationship with others and the world around you. In this DOSE, we explore how falling is just a part of life. Give yourself grace to embrace the downs because without them, there would be no ups.

  • NEW | 11 Min Breathwork with Dane + Aine | Focus

    Soften your mind, rejuvenate your body & open the heart with a transformational breathwork journey. Dane and Aine will help you liberate your full potential by tapping into the entire mind/body system.

  • NEW 12 min | The Joy of Suffering with Karine | YONA NIDRA

    In our final session of The Joy of Suffering with Karine, we discuss Yona Nidra, or the fear of change and death. As you can imagine, this is one of the most difficult practices. Karine suggests following along from your bed or the comfiest spot in your home.

  • NEW | 11 Self Massage with Sun | Endorphins

    Check in with your body and listen to what you need. Build your awareness in this 11 minute self massage releasing endorphins within your back, neck, and torso with master massage therapist Sun Katayama.

  • NEW 12 min | The Joy of Suffering with Karine | RAGA

    Raga is extreme attachment to material things. When you attach your identity to a thing or dream too intensely, you forget your vastness. In this DOSE, Karine explores moving you through Raga, paring you down to your true self.

  • NEW 12 min | The Joy of Suffering with Karine | DVESHA

    After Raga, the attachment to things, we move to DVESHA, the absence of getting what we want. This can lead to anger, rage, and all of the "red" emotions that hinder our personal growth. The first step to healing is understanding. Let's start now.

  • NEW | 11 Min Self Massage with Sun | Connection

    This practice is focused on creating connection with ourselves to build body awareness through self massage of the hands and wrists.

  • NEW | 14 Min Sound Bath with Haile | Open Your Voice

    Harmonize to happiness, stretch your lungs and clear your mind of negative energy through the power of your voice. Join sound sculptor Haile Supreme for a serotonin sauna to release baggage and blockage by diving into this vocal healing chamber. This 14 minute meditation journey will have you smi...

  • NEW 12 min | The Joy of Suffering with Karine | ASMITA

  • NEW Premium Content | The Joy of Suffering with Karine | Introduction

    Karine explains how moving through the 5 sufferings (Ignorance, Ego, Attachments, Hatred, Fear of Change) can open you up to move onto joy.

  • NEW 12 min | The Joy of Suffering with Karine | AVIDYA

    The first cause of suffering we'll explore is AVIDYA, or ignorance of self. What does this mean? It's the error of not understanding how beautiful, precious, worthy, and important your life is, just as you are. This is the mother of all suffering.

  • NEW 9 min | The Joy of Organizing with Patty Morrisey | appreciation

    If you love something, use it! A lot of us live in a scarcity mindset, holding onto things for a special occasion. But every day is special! Throw on your favorite ballgown, bring out the good silver, and appreciate everything you have.

  • NEW 6 min | The Joy of Organizing with Patty Morrissey | Time

    While you may only have to do your major tidying once in your lifetime, your relationship to your items will always be changing. When you're constantly moving things in and out, it helps you cultivate micro seasons that are more natural to our human rhythm, instead of living in a static environme...

  • NEW 5 min | The Joy of Organizing with Patty Morrisey | Kindness

    Starting to tidy and organize should come from a place of kindness and gratitude. In this DOSE, Patty shows us how we often overlook the places and items that support us in our daily lives.

  • NEW 6 min | The Joy of Organizing with Patty Morrisey | Gratittude

    Taking a gentle approach to organizing can keep you in the right headspace. Patty explains why it's important to express gratitude for the items your keeping and even for the items your giving away.

  • NEW 11 min | The Joy of Organizing with Patty Morrissey | Self Compassion

    Organizing can sometimes lead us to open up negative thoughts, like regret and waste, so we avoid it. Patty talks us through how to cultivate your full capacity of feelings and break through to the other side, where joy is waiting.

  • NEW 11 min | The Joy of Organizing with Patty Morrissey | Intuition

    Patty explains how learning discernment while organizing can bleed into other aspects of your life, allowing you to trust your intuition more and make confident decisions not based in obligation or fear.