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Watch this video and more on DAYBREAKER+

NEW | 11 Min Breathwork with Dane + Aine | Endorphins

MicroDOSE 11 • 12m

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  • NEW 12 min | The Joy of Suffering wit...

    In our final session of The Joy of Suffering with Karine, we discuss Yona Nidra, or the fear of change and death. As you can imagine, this is one of the most difficult practices. Karine suggests following along from your bed or the comfiest spot in your home.

  • NEW | 11 Self Massage with Sun | Endo...

    Check in with your body and listen to what you need. Build your awareness in this 11 minute self massage releasing endorphins within your back, neck, and torso with master massage therapist Sun Katayama.

  • NEW | 11 Min Movement with Dane | Dop...

    Dane will guide you through this morning spine practice to wake you up and get you loose and limber for your day. It's time to inward and alter that little voice in your head to activate your flow.