Dopamine: Flow + Inspiration

Dopamine: Flow + Inspiration

The Explorer. Dopamine incites your motivation to explore the unexpected, seek novelty, and innovate. This is your source of drive, pleasure and reward—plus, it has a critical role in motor control, learning and memory. It’s that feeling of accomplishment, that “yes, I’ve done it!” kind of euphoria.

Activated by music and dance, Dopamine also gets released when we anticipate, enjoy, or remember pleasurable moments, set and meet incremental goals, practice daily gratitude or exercise coordinated movements like dance. Exercise, meditation, a good night's sleep, a massage or a celebration of your life’s achievements can all give a boost.

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Dopamine: Flow + Inspiration
  • 21 Min Dance with Elliott | Openness | Dopamine

    Start your day with honesty and contentedness. Motivate yourself to perform one transcendent dance party for just yourself. Enjoy the music, and enjoy your own company. Here at Daybreaker, we want you to relish in your radiant presence. Be selfish with yourself. Give you all that you have, and ta...

  • NEW | 22 min Dance with Viva | Curiosity | Dopamine

    Uncover a synthesis of motivation by opening the chakras with dance. Allow movement to expand your vision and unite mind and body by syncing through movement.

  • 33 Min Breath Work with Aine | Curiosity | Dopamine

    Find release in the depths of your lungs and breathe in the inspiration as you journey through an opening breath work practice led by Aine. In the spirit of dopamine you can fully awaken to your true nature of freeing your mind, bringing you clarity and connection. This class will bring your body...

  • 39 min Yoga with Sarrah | Levity | Dopamine

    Let’s lighten the mood. We invite you to activate your dopamine flow, and align your inner drive with your motivation. This is our series on surviving. After 2020 in general, we need it. It’s time for us to extend an invitation to let go of all that’s happened and immerse yourself into the presen...

  • 30 Min Yoga Flow with Lindsay | Flow | Dopamine

    Kickstart your day with a dopamine boosting flow that ignites your body. Awaken into a flow state like no other with this 30 minute vinyasa practice with Lindsay. Come into the present moment and feel each movement fully + find ability to explore with the space around. Leave your mat ready for t...

  • 16 Min Meditation with Sarrah | Listening | Dopamine

    You know the friend that’s always looking for some kind of clarity with each sentence? Try listening to yourself this morning. Not just the syllables you make, but the meaning you convey. Meditate on the events, feelings, and complications in your life you’ve intended to express but could never t...

  • 11 Min Meditation with Victorien | Flow | Dopamine

    HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED | Surrender to the sound of the flute and connect with all you are grateful for. Find harmony with Daybreaker Music Director Victorien as he guides you through an 11 minute meditation to set you up for the day and build an attitude of gratitude.

    Step into your daily joy p...

  • 11 Min Breathwork with Melini | Openness | Dopamine

  • 44 Min Yoga with Hawah | Curiosity | Dopamine

    The first 20 minutes is core and abdomen work. We have legs at 90 degrees and then we do one leg down and switching legs. We roll and massage our spines on our back. Moving back and forth and culminating in some playful full circles on our mats going both directions while rocking. The theme is pl...

  • 50 Min Yoga with Hawah | FLOW | Dopamine

    Explore the space between space and the breath between movements. This will be a nourishing, sometimes slow, and fluid practice combined with precise placement that draws from Sivananda, Jivamukti, and Kung Fu traditions. Your body will melt like ice and your knots will dissolve into water dripp...

  • 22 Min Dance with Elliott | Curiosity | Dopamine

  • 22 Min Yoga with Alyssa | Openness | Dopamine

  • 23 Min Dance with Elliott | Openness | Dopamine

    Wear something cozy and juicy, then drop into your heart space

  • 32 Min DOSE with Radha | Inspiration | Dopamine

    Unlock your spiritual state as you let the music in and arrive in the present mind + body. Kickstart your week through a 33 minute dopamine dive into inspiration through the adventure of life with Master Joy facilitator

  • 50 Min Yoga in Miami with Tiff Topia | Play | Endorphins

    Dream big as you create the space around you in a playful flow. Dive into a dopamine filled practice by calling in energy as you set intentions for the day. Join yogi Tiff Topia on a mindful journey in the Miami heat as you allow your body to move freely to explore the space around. Feel refresh...

  • NEW | 12 Min EFT Tapping with Jennifer | Courage | Dopamine

    Get unstuck—activate drive, feel rekindled purpose and motivate your dopamine power with an 11 minute microdose of healing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) therapy. Join 15-year Tapping expert Jennifer Partridge to create success, increase productivity, stimulate financial flow and empower your...

  • 33 Min Breathwork with Aine | Courage | Dopamine

    Allow yourself to explore and excavate your edges to create a space to feel truth from your inner knowing. Find courage to lean into vulnerability as Aine guides you through a 33 minute dopamine rooted practice to soften and surrender yourself to your truest self. Invite the unknowing into the p...

  • 11 Min Music Meditation with Murray | Flow | Dopamine

    Find yourself in a reflection of music and sunshine as we flow from memory to present moment in this practice. Close your eyes and let go to the melody that sweeps away clutter to center the mind and body through sound. Join pianist Murray

  • 33 Min Yoga with Lindsay | Curiosity | Dopamine

    Drop in and connect through the power of movement. Bring your mind and body into a state of joy with the lens of curiosity.

  • NEW | 17 Min Meditation with Noah | Curiosity | Dopamine

    Drop in and connect through the power of auditory massage. Bring your mind and body into a state of joy with the lens of curiosity leading you beat by beat. Allow the drum of this sound journey to ignite the power of dopamine.

  • 33 Min Yoga Flow with Karine | Curiosity | Dopamine

    Keep your eyes wide open and ignite your sense of inspiration as you move from pose to pose with this dopamine-boosting vinyasa flow. Join yogi Karine Plantadit on a 33 minute journey that begins with seated breathwork and takes you across the mat. Invite curiosity and be okay with now knowing wh...

  • NEW | 11 Min Sound Bath with Luna | Dopamine

    Receive a cellular massage of sound to ignite clarity and inspiration with this 11 min sound meditation. Join Luna Maye in a powerful visualization practice to push you forward towards your goals and dreams. Fill your dopamine prescription by boosting your motivation, bringing out your inner expl...

  • NEW | 10 Min Storytelling with Jasmyn | Flow | Dopamine

    Our existence is a dance between sunshine and rain. As we flow through life we must pause and take accountability to address harm that may be holding us back. Through this practice, you allow the practice of story to bring you in and out of your understanding of harm and learn the needs to move f...

  • 22 Min Yoga with Ally | Flow | Dopamine

    Focus and drive are the name of the game with this 22 minute dopamine boosting yoga sesh. Join the illustrious Ally Bogard to build sharper attention through soft and gentle awareness. Hold your poses a little longer than you’re used to, and set your intention on how you’ll align what you say yo...