Fresh D.O.S.E.

Joy is an inside job. Learn to cultivate it through mind/body/soul musically driven movement practices. Science backed, doctor prescribed.

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Karine | Be Water

    This session is for everyone that doesn't feel like getting out of bed this morning. Karine will guide you into your fluid state, reminding you that, like water, you are always in motion. You got this.

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Elliott | Fire Up

    Dance until you reach that fire within yourself. There's a burning passion inside you that is pure energy. All you have to do is tap into it.

  • NEW | 11 Min Self Massage with Sun | Connection

    Let's open your heart to release serotonin in your body and mind. By opening your physical space, you're able to hold a posture that welcomes in a sense of wellbeing.

  • NEW | 6 Min Audio DOSE with Elliott | Recess

    Let Elliott walk you through that lull in your day and get into some personal recess. It's your time now, let's feel it all and get into our bodies!

  • NEW | 11 Min DOSE with Viva | Re-energize

    Take time to delight your body. Get your heart rate glowing and feel the rush of movement and dance with this 11 minute endorphins rev up led by Viva. Access pleasure from your own natural supply and ride the euphoric wave with a fusion of Functional Happiness exercises, chakra opening and self-e...

  • NEW | 11 Min Meditation with Ally | Open your heart

    Find a comfortable seat and dive right into the heart. This 11 minute meditation will inspire and activate oxytocin, tickle your empathy and set you up to give and receive big love.

    Step into your daily joy practice.

    P.S. Citizen Scientists — Keep making history after your practice by adding yo...

  • NEW | 11 Min Dance with Viva | Trust Yourself

    Together we're going to fill up on our own supply of self-love and trust as Viva leads us through Bodyroll. Lead with openness during this practice and move through it all.

  • NEW | 11 Min Yoga with Hawah | Fresh Start

    This is a perfect, masterful 11-minute flow for a Monday morning. Hawah will hone your focus and kickstart your motivation as you move through each step.

  • NEW | 22 Min DOSE with Viva | Sparking Play

    It’s a party! Bodyroll into the present moment and just let go. Enliven your endorphins through this 22 minute energizing aerobix with Viva. Allow your body to move and shake to the music kickstarting your day with a joy filled practice.

  • NEW | 8 Min Japanese Calisthenics with Radha | Happiness

    Lubricate your spine and optimize your physical health with a joyful 8 minute Japanese Calisthenics practice that delivers a feel-good rush of oxytocin. Join Daybreaker Founder & Mama Radha as she guides you in this microdose through her favorite daily ritual—traditional Radio Taiso from her Japa...

  • NEW | 6 Min Audio DOSE with Karine | Forgiveness

    In this audio practice, Karine will help you push past the things that you've been obsessing over or regretting, allowing you to forgive and move forward.

  • NEW | 11 Min Bodyroll with Viva | Be Strong

    Come back into your body to feel every arc, curve and spiral as you bodyroll into bliss in this 11 minute oxytocin oozing practice with Viva.

    Music by Moblack Records & Music Bed:

    1. Dreams feat Eebee - Generdyn
    2. Bonga - Mona Ki Ngi Xica (Everything Counts Remix) [MoBlack Records]
    3. Rhythm S...

  • NEW | 6 Min Audio Breathing with Karine | Flow

    Today's practice focuses on the retention of breath. Let Karine guide you through this flow that engages your mind and helps you attain more focus. 

  • NEW | 11 min Yoga with Hawah | Longevity

    We are spending endless months on computers and holding our phones. Our wrists are getting beat up by one directional movement and asana practices that place repetitive stress on our joints. Join HawaH for a masterful introduction into counter poses for wrists that will support longevity, and sus...

  • NEW | 11 Min Dance with Viva | Deep Flow

    Welcome home. In this practice you will dive into the sensation of moving with authenticity. Through the art of Aerobix, you'll unlock the key to care for your body and exploration within.

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Karine | Fearless

    Do you need to be a badass today? In this DOSE, Karine is going to guide you into your toughest, most uncompromising self, ready to go to battle for your goals.

  • NEW | 6 Min Dance with Karine | Joy Snacking

    Have you heard of Joy Snacking? Karine will educate you all about how this practice can help you find joy in even the most mundane of things, because life is beautiful.

  • NEW | 11 Min Dance with Elliott | Release

    It's time to open your heart with Elliott as your guide. This dance can help you tap into your abilities centered on creation and expansion. Let's come into our true selves.

  • NEW | 11 Min Yoga with Karine | Cardinal Points

    Take 11 minutes today and find intentional movement and your coordinates in space and time, with this simple but invigorating practice guided by Karine.

  • NEW | 11 Min Yoga with Karine | Cardinal Points

    Take 11 minutes today and find intentional movement and your coordinates in space and time, with this simple but invigorating practice guided by Karine.

  • NEW | 6 Min Audio DOSE with Radha | Devotion

    This practice is all about devotion. Devotion and love start with the way you think and feel about yourself. Look inward before you look outward.

  • NEW | 22 Min Guided Dance with Griselle | Salsa

    You ready to shake it? To get our Dopamine flowing through our whole bodies, we’re doing this Salsa clases. Join Griselle Ponce — one of the top female Latin dancers and choreographers in the world — for 22 minutes of guided dance, no experience required.

  • NEW | 6 Min Audio DOSE with Karine | Fullness

    Let's get fearless by connecting with the divine feminine. You are strong, you are bold, and you can master anything that comes your way.

  • NEW | 22 Min Dance with Elliott | The Power of Gratitude

    Use the power of beats to align and connect in the body as our kindness leader Elliott welcomes you home to your own powerful serotonin supply. Move into a higher state of joy, dance step by dance step.