MicroDOSE 22

MicroDOSE 22

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MicroDOSE 22
  • 20 Min Breathwork with Aine | Awe | Endorphins

    Nourish your soul through restoring your sense of wonder + opening your perspective to the infinite universe. In this 20 minute endorphin-euphoria practice with breathwork coach Aine tap into the interconnectedness of yourself and the universe within your own body. This is your reminder that tru...

  • 22 Min Breathwork with Dane | Connection | Oxytocin

    Cultivating an inner joy through this 22 minute breathwork practice with CEO Coach and Founder of Decode Dane encouraging connection from within. When you show up open to intimacy and vulnerability, you allow the fostering of oxytocin that oozes outwards. Leave abundant and let the joy overflo...

  • NEW | 22 Min Dance with Elliott | Endorphins

    Enjoying life and practicing joy is essential. We only have a finite time on this beautiful earth. Join Elliott in embracing that sweet time and dancing your way to connection.

  • 22 Min Self-Massage with Sun | Chest | Oxytocin

    Be your own healer and dive into self-exploration. Release tension and stress from your chest with a fusion of dynamic stretching and self massage—while being masterfully guided by master massage therapist Sun Katayama. This 21 minute oxytocin practice gets you in tune with your body to cultivate...

  • NEW | 21 Min Reiki Meditation with Melini | Oxytocin

    This meditation experience will help instill divine love into your heart in soul, making you more open and trusting to allow other types of love in. Join Melini this practice and start curating openness and healing now.

  • 21 Min Self-Massage with Sun | Full Body Cooldown | Oxytocin

    At the end of a long day, set yourself up for restful sleep with a full brain-body cooldown led by master massage therapist Sun Katayama. Start with a restorative face massage to let the outer world and all the stress go. Then tune inward as Sun guides you through intense muscle contractions that...

  • 22 Min Bodyroll with Viva | Trust | Oxytocin

    Come back into your body to feel every arc, curve and spiral as you bodyroll into bliss. On this 22 minute oxytocin oozing practice with Viva, find yourself connecting to your body as you awaken each part. Open your heart to a place of care + tenderness as you give back to your body through thes...

  • NEW | 22 min Dance with Viva | Curiosity | Dopamine

    Uncover a synthesis of motivation by opening the chakras with dance. Allow movement to expand your vision and unite mind and body by syncing through movement.

  • 21 Min Dance with Elliot | Acceptance | Oxytocin

  • 21 Min Dance with Elliott | Openness | Dopamine

    Start your day with honesty and contentedness. Motivate yourself to perform one transcendent dance party for just yourself. Enjoy the music, and enjoy your own company. Here at Daybreaker, we want you to relish in your radiant presence. Be selfish with yourself. Give you all that you have, and ta...

  • 23 Min Dance with Elliott | Openness | Dopamine

    Wear something cozy and juicy, then drop into your heart space

  • 21 Min Meditation with Hawah | Kindness | Serotonin

    Music by:
    1. Rajendra Teredesai - Farewell to Waheeda
    2. The Haiku Project - Voyage

  • 22 Min Meditation with Radha | Courage | Serotonin

    This movement session is the first step into unlocking your inner joy as you find the strength to courageously open your heart and mind.

  • 22 Min Yoga with Sarrah | Presence | Endorphins

    Join us in this 22 min Yoga session with Sarrah where we embody presence through grounding techniques and breath work.

    Music by:
    1. Sayama - As In Three So In One
    2. Sayama - The Circle Begins Where The Circle Ends
    3. Sayama - Seamless Movement
    4. Sayama - Bindu
    Myndstream Exclusive