Joy of Meditation & Breathwork

Joy of Meditation & Breathwork

Go in to experiment with visualization meditations, breathwork, sound baths and healing songs to find presence, purpose and recovery by embodying your mindfulness practice. Each experience supports and helps set intention, focus and self-awareness.

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Joy of Meditation & Breathwork
  • NEW | 11 Min Meditation with Victorien | Serotonin

    HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED | Nothing behind, nothing ahead, just now. Dive into the present moment with Daybreaker Music Director Victorien as he guides you through an 11 minute flute meditation to relax your entire body and be in the moment.

    Step into your daily joy practice.

    P.S. Citizen Scientis...

  • NEW | 11 Min Reiki with Melini | Serotonin

    Enjoy yourself for a 11 minutes, and allow the powerful healing energy to come from the screen and lull you into a sense of rest and peace.

  • NEW | 11 min Meditation with Hawah | Serotonin

    This meditation practice focuses on watching what comes up as we sit still and ground into our connection with the earth. We’ll move our awareness from breath to sounds to body sensations which ultimately leads us into sitting with no object of focus. When we let go of the external stimuli we ent...

  • NEW | 14 Min Sound Bath with Haile | Serotonin

    Harmonize to happiness, stretch your lungs and clear your mind of negative energy through the power of your voice. Join sound sculptor Haile Supreme for a serotonin sauna to release baggage and blockage by diving into this vocal healing chamber. This 14 minute meditation journey will have you smi...

  • 22 Min Meditation with Hawah | Trust | Oxytocin

  • 22 Min Meditation with Hawah | Serotonin

    Pranayama is the science of breath control that increases and roots the harmonious flow of energy in the body. Where your thoughts travel so your breath goes and when your breath journeys so your thoughts and life transform. Explore a range of breathing techniques that ultimately will serve to de...

  • 21 Min Meditation with Hawah | Kindness | Serotonin

    Music by:
    1. Rajendra Teredesai - Farewell to Waheeda
    2. The Haiku Project - Voyage

  • 11 Min Breathwork with Melini | Openness | Dopamine

  • NEW | 22 Min Breathwork with Aine | Gratitude | Serotonin

    Ground yourself in a sense of peace and balance as your invite joy in. Through this 22 minute softening serotonin practice, breathe in gratitude with Aine as you honor each moment as it is. Find strength in obstacles to change them into opportunities, as you appreciate what you have already been ...

  • 33 Min Breath Work with Aine | Curiosity | Dopamine

    Find release in the depths of your lungs and breathe in the inspiration as you journey through an opening breath work practice led by Aine. In the spirit of dopamine you can fully awaken to your true nature of freeing your mind, bringing you clarity and connection. This class will bring your body...

  • NEW | 11 Min Meditation with Noah | Courage | Oxytocin

    The overtones of the hand pan allow multiple octaves to radiate simultaneously and create a grounding impulse through the body. Experience the power of this sound journey designed to inspire courage, and discover the might of even an 11 minute meditation with Noah.

  • 11 Min Sound Meditation with Luna Mae | Kindness | Serotonin

    Alchemize pain into purpose, invite calm and move into trust with this 11 min sound meditation. Join Luna Maye in a powerful breath practice to flow from pain to euphoria and unlock your deepest self-expression. This journey will fill your serotonin prescription by shaking away anxiety, sadness a...

  • 15 Min Meditation Flow DOSE with Noah | Flow | Dopamine

    Enjoy the power of Dopamine as it enters the body beat by beat. Each harmonic expands the spirit to motivational access through a state of physical flow, creating a deeper flow state through the mind and body connection.

    P.S. Citizen Scientists — Keep making history after your practice by adding...

  • 11 Min Meditation with Luna Mae | Trust | Oxytocin

    Flow with the sounds of the elements inward to unlock a deep and fluid trust. Allow yourself to be guided into connection and treasure the ability to hold yourself from within, creating a soft and explorative state of joy.

  • NEW | 15 Min Meditation with Noah | Awe | Endorphins

    Drop in and connect with the help of Daybreaker resident drummer Noah Katz-Apel. Bring your mind and body into a state of joy through a sensory experience that creates singular focus on peace in the present moment. Allow the hum of this sound journey to open your sense of self and trust in every ...

  • NEW | 11 Min Meditation with Haile | Gratitude | Serotonin

    Welcome home to yourself. Dive into a serotonin bliss as you find rest within tones of a soothing synth bath by from the Sultan of Sounds

  • NEW | 11 Min Meditation with Victorien | Connection | Oxytocin

    Surrender to the sounds of the flute and dive into love. You are invited to an 11 minute oxytocin oozing mediation with Victorien.

  • 30 Min Morning Routine with Dane | Flow | Serotonin

    Flow into your day with a meditation, movement, and journaling practice to deep dive into a dopamine bliss. Awaken your body by activating all your senses as CEO Coach and Founder of Decode
    Dane guides you through a morning kickstart. Leave feeling ready to take on the day ahead.

    Step into yo...

  • 32 Min Breathwork with Dane | Kindness | Serotonin

    Turn up the dial on self compassion and let go of the negative thoughts you hold within. In this 32 minute serotonin soothing session with CEO Coach and Founder of Decode
    Dane embarace every aspect of your being and come back only with kindness. Engage in deep breathwork to let go of emotions y...

  • 20 Min Meditation with Nick | Flow | Endorphins

    Close your eyes and open your heart + mind to boosting the energy around. Tap into your heart as you send kindness and strength to those around through a healing meditation led by Nick. Find your place within the world through creating a deeper connection with self + universe.
    Step into your dail...

  • 22 Min Breathwork with Aine | Gratitude | Serotonin

    Ground yourself in a sense of peace and balance as your invite joy in. Through this 21 minute softening serotonin practice, breathe in gratitude with Aine as you honor each moment as it is. Find strength in obstacles to change them into opportunities, as you appreciate what you have already been ...

  • 10 Min Reflection with Dane | Gratitude | Serotonin

    Take 10 minutes with a reflection practice that focuses on cultivating gratitude from within. Invite exploration within to develop and activate connection to those around you. Grab your journal and join CEO Coach and Founder of Decode
    Dane on a journey to a higher level of happiness + serotonin...

  • 33 Min Breathwork with Aine | Courage | Dopamine

    Allow yourself to explore and excavate your edges to create a space to feel truth from your inner knowing. Find courage to lean into vulnerability as Aine guides you through a 33 minute dopamine rooted practice to soften and surrender yourself to your truest self. Invite the unknowing into the p...

  • 11 Min Music Meditation with Murray | Flow | Dopamine

    Find yourself in a reflection of music and sunshine as we flow from memory to present moment in this practice. Close your eyes and let go to the melody that sweeps away clutter to center the mind and body through sound. Join pianist Murray