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NEW | 11 Min Dance with Elliott | Kindness | Serotonin

Serotonin: Gratitude + Kindness • 11m

Up Next in Serotonin: Gratitude + Kindness

  • NEW | 13 Min Meditation with Noah | G...

    The overtones of the hand pan hold the power to vibrate mind and body into sync. Dive into a sound journey that transports the spirit towards a state of meditative joy and discover a gratitude-driven rhythm.

  • NEW | 22 Min Yoga with Sarrah | Serot...

    Today, we’re concluding our survivor series. Ending this today on a note of seeing the future, all of the beautiful things that lay in store. You’ve done it! You’ve survived. What are you going to do? Survive the rest of your life?

  • 43 Min Yoga with Alyssa | Connection ...

    Open yourself up for connection today as we all did on Wednesday. Enjoy the sunrise, and as you watch the color change notice how your relationships to others and to yourself.

    Step into your daily joy practice.

    P.S. Citizen Scientists — Keep making history after your practice by adding your bra...