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Watch this video and more on DAYBREAKER+

55 Min Yoga with Hawah | Grit & Grace | Endorphins

Endorphins: Awe + Play • 57m

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  • 22 Min Yoga with Sarrah | Presence | ...

    Join us in this 22 min Yoga session with Sarrah where we embody presence through grounding techniques and breath work.

    Music by:
    1. Sayama - As In Three So In One
    2. Sayama - The Circle Begins Where The Circle Ends
    3. Sayama - Seamless Movement
    4. Sayama - Bindu
    Myndstream Exclusive

  • 15 Min Movement with Melini | Play | ...

    Melini is going to guide you through a 15 min of yoga and reiki flow to recharge and renew to start your day.

    Music by:
    1. CarlBorden - Walk With Me A Beautiful Journey
    2. George Vibe - Incama
    3. Carl Borden - The Road Home
    4. DJ Homez - Saviour
    5. Eamonn Karran - As One
    Myndstream & MoBlac...

  • 27 min Laughter Yoga with Hawah | Awe...

    This is going to be uncomfortable, but even science has proven that whether it is real or fake the body makes no distinction, so we fake it and fake it until we make it, releasing powerful endorphins in the brain, strengthening the immune system

    Music by
    1. Russel Walder - Spark the Sun
    2. Govi ...