Joy of Yoga & Stretching

Joy of Yoga & Stretching

Unwind with deep house yoga and discover the joy of restorative stretching classes to elasticize your body and mind. Our yoga + stretch journeys are engineered to restore, rejuvenate and guide you into joyful euphoria while dimming stress, anxiety and doubt.

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Joy of Yoga & Stretching
  • 33 Min Yoga with Karine | Courage | Oxytocin

    Release anxiety to call in love, trust and strength with this 33 minute heart-opening vinyasa yoga flow. Cultivate deeper self-love with international master yogi Karine. Every pose is an invitation to love more—to find strength through softening. Explore trust with balancing postures, love with ...

  • 11 Min Chakra Opening with Radha | Brain-Body Activation | Full DOSE

    Open up your 7 energy centers and energize your day with an 11 minute chakra-opening movement meditation that delivers your full DOSE. Join Daybreaker Founder & Mama Radha as she guides you through this microdose, clearing the 7 chakras that run along your spine. Align your sense of belonging, cr...

  • 33 Min DOSE with Karine | Confidence & Kindness | Serotonin

    Grow into greater confidence and feel the warmth of belonging with a 33 min serotonin boost led by our yogi master Karine. Join us for a fusion of breathwork, movement, stretching and dance to release your mood stabilizer, bringing in self-comfort, gratitude and abundance. Feel the supercharge of...